New Year's Day

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I can think of no better way to ring in the new year than venturing out in the early morning on New Year’s day to photograph my own town. The light is beautiful and the streets of Randolph are empty.

Randolph, VTFor some reason since starting this project, I’ve had in the back of my mind that I would shoot Randolph on New Year’s day. For no particular reason other than that it’s probably the only time I can photograph the old "Union Block" with no cars parked on the street. That’s where I begin my day.

Randolph has such beautiful architecture; the old Freight House and the Depot building in particular; I’ve always been intrigued by rail stations. And I’ve so wanted to find a way to photograph the Kimball Library building without those very prominent utility wires distracting from its beauty. Since I live here, I drive through town several times a week, and unlike most towns I’m visiting for this project, I am not approaching it naively. But getting out on foot provides a completely different perspective. I’m reminded of the charm that drew me to it the first time we drove into town late in our year-and-a-half long house hunt. It’s funny how everyday surroundings grow to seem commonplace.

Randolph, VTWhile I usually prefer photographing the more rural, pristine landscapes of Vermont’s smaller towns, I do love the almost abstract nature of the "back alley" views that I often find these older more populated towns. Randolph is one of those towns I could easily spend a whole day photographing. After a couple of hours though, I remind myself that I also wanted to photograph Bethel on New Year’s day, and perhaps Stockbridge and Pittsfield as well. So I hurry back to my car, stop at the gas station on Main Street, and as I’m standing in the cold filling my tank, I spot that barn with the cupola back by the town office building that I love so much. In the foreground I notice a red fence and then I spot the red house across the street. I’m lured me back for one more shot before moving on to Bethel.

The blanket of fresh snow and the early morning light make downtown Randolph feel almost like a movie set. I know this is the best light of the day but rarely am I ambitious enough to get out and grab it. Perhaps it will serve as inspiration for a New Year’s resolution, we’ll see.

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