The next leg of the journey

On September 15, 2013 in Irasburg Vermont, I completed my journey through Vermont’s 251 towns in 351 days. While I’ve attained my initial quest, I consider it only a beginning as already I’ve begun thinking about the next leg of my journey.

The homestretch

I begin the last thirty days of my journey through Vermont’s 251 towns with eleven towns yet to visit; ahead of my goal of visiting twenty-one towns per month, which would keep me on track for reaching all 251 in 365 days, but still not feeling too confident to relax and call it a success.

Sweet light

It’s kind of like an addiction for photographers; always yearning for more, never seeming to get enough of it. Last weekend in Bennington County I was fortunate to find myself in two beautiful places for both the evening and morning sweet light.

Another sunny day

Springtime in Vermont and all its splendor, this year has brought sunshine almost every day in May. I love spring; who doesn’t? This year though, I greet each brilliant blue sky morning with mixed emotions.

Spring comes in May

This year I’ve had to go back to repeating the mantra I taught myself that first year we moved to Vermont when on March 31 we arrived to find our property buried under four feet of snow; spring comes in May.

The halfway point

As I have reached the midpoint of my journey, I’m happy to report that I am slightly ahead of the game with 130 towns behind me, though one or two need to be revisited since for one reason or another I was unable to do photographic justice during my first attempt.

Chasing the snow

On March 28, I ventured out with the sole purpose of photographing towns that still had significant snowfall. Chasing the snow of course, leads me off my course and into some interesting driving conditions.

You can't get there

At least in the winter if you’re traveling by car that is. My gazatteer shows that Lewis Pond Road leads from 105 into Lewis. But as I passed the point where the road should be, there was no road.

The Northeast Corner

Last weekend I planned my first overnight trip to the Northeast Kingdom. My goal was to reach the northeastern most corner of the state and to visit the outermost towns. It was an added bonus to find a marker confirming my destination.

The northern border

Since starting this journey I’ve been thinking through my strategy for reaching the most distant points of the state; the southern border which I crossed many times when I lived in Connecticut and travelled to Sugarbush almost every weekend in the winter, and the Canadian border which last week I finally reached.